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An Expand Business Plan of Simart

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An Expand Business Plan of SIMART

1. SIMART Company 2
  2. Product life cycle 2
  2.1 Introduction 3
      ¬ Management Style of Introduction 4
      ¬ Leadership of Introduction 4
      ¬ Motivation of Introduction 5
  2.2 Growth 5
      Management style 5
      Motivation 7
      Intrinsic Motivation --- Individual Level 7
      Extrinsic Motivation --- Company Level 7
  2.3 Maturity 9
  2.4 Decline 12
      ¬ Management Style of Decline 12
      ¬ Leadership of Decline 13
      ¬ Motivation of Decline 13
3. Design Philosophy 14
4. Positioning Strategy 16
5. Leadership 18
  5.1 Push-pull leadership 18
  5.2 Relationship 20
  5.3 Decision-making 20
6. Forecasting 22
7. Communication 25
  7.1 Communication Categories of SIMART 25
  7.2 Communication Network in SIMART 26
  7.3 Responsibilities: 29
Reference 31
Division of Work 32

1. SIMART Company
SIMART is one of the leading company of smart & intelligence house industry in China. Multidisciplinary project improve the quality of life in the urban residential setting. Focuses on develop interior designs in the area of technology, health and life style.

SIMART is the combination of Simple & Smart. Smart house, Simple life is our slogan. Company’s vision is to build up a new life style by popularize the concept of intelligent design of the urban house setting. Company’s mission is to create the most intelligent steward of your house.
2. Product life cycle
The new product progresses of SIMART will go through a sequence of four stages, which are introduction, growth, maturity and decline. This sequence is the product life cycle of SIAMRT. In the following explanation, four stages are associated with changes in the management style, leadership and motivation.

2.1 Introduction
In the stage of introduction, SIMART seeks to open the market and build product awareness for our products of smart house. In order to open a...

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