An Exicted Experience Essay

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56, Jalan 123, 5/4 Kota Domo 45678 Domo Jaya Malaysia 2nd March 2012 Dear Domo, How are you? I heard you were sick in bed with the flu for days. Hope you get well soon. I have decided to write you a letter about my experiences at a three day outdoor activity camp to cheer you up. Few days ago, I went to an outdoor activity camp with school. The camp was organized by the Liberians and school prefects. I was one of the people in charge in the camp. The camp was a three day two night outdoor activity camp. Before we leave school to our destination, all of the participants gathered at the school canteen at 6.30 mornings. The reason we gathered everyone at the canteen is to make sure nobody was left out and everyone is in a good condition. After a long wait, we are finally done with the registration and the bas had arrived. We are all ready to leave to our destination. This camp was participated by 40 selected students and 5 teachers. On the way to our destination, we all introduced our self so that we are easier to communicate in the future and to make new friends. We also sang and cam-whored in the bas. After a long journey of fun in the bus, we finally reached our destination which is located at Pahang. The name of the camp is ‘Dusun Eco Resort’. It was a beautiful place on the middle of the mountain and the place was full of fresh air and beautiful trees. After reaching the place, we were all set into different accommodation. I felt so happy because I get to sleep with my best friend. After everything was settled, it’s finally time to have fun! Most of the games prepared by the camp are outdoor activities. We started our activity with ‘Flying Fox’. The definition of flying fox is actually a squirrel who looks like fox that can fly. It is also a fun game. I was the first one who tried the game among all the participants because I am known as

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