An Evening In Guanima Essay

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The Short Story Topic: “The sun always rises’’. ________________________________________ In the poorest area of the country, a place where even the scavenging dogs were lean, a poor man struggled for years to raise his two daughters. The man was not afraid of hard work. There were years when he worked hours in the sun in a wealthy man’s farm and little money earned was successful for a little home. In spite of it all the man never complained of the hardness of his life and was as kind and helpful to others. It was a beautiful, sunny day at 92°. The two daughters would be in the yard barefoot across the warm fray grass. To one of the girls it was glorious and apparently it was always the most beautiful seen they she saw whilst one thought it was dull and plain and she thought that green grass would look better. The father both loved his girls very much and he wanted the best for them. So he encouraged them and told them what they sow they will reap. He wanted them to be a hard worker, helpful and respectful to others, and caring. The eldest daughter Liz she would do her part, and for her to make a living she would plait children hair and clean the house of a wealthy couple. She was well her father’s inspiration because she was respectful, kind, loving, hard working, and caring. She was always pleasant to others even strangers whom she didn’t know. One evening Liz was going home from a hard day which did not bother her, she stopped to an elderly woman who seemed to need help. Liz did not hesitate to help her. She gave her a three dinner rolls which was still hot and a bottle of black current juice. Liz also plaited the women hair even though it was filled with lice and sores. She did not scorn the old woman and did not feel disgusted. She felt passion and was happy that she helped the women because she saw that she was in need.

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