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An Evaluation: "Twilight" Essay

  • Submitted by: tierra09
  • on April 20, 2009
  • Category: English
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Tierra York
Ms. Bittle
English 1213
09 March 2009
An Evaluation: “Twilight”
The movie “Twilight” starring Kristen Stewart and Billy Pattinson is a love story about a mortal girl and a vampire.   The movie is a major favorite for teens in America (Twilight Review’s Roundup).   It is a great movie to watch.
The movie is about a teen girl, Bella Swan, that moves from Arizona to Forks, Washington.   She starts school there and meets this boy, Edward Cullen, that at first seems very rude, but eventually they come to like each other.   Bella Comes to find out later that the reason Edward was avoiding her is because he is a vampire.   She is very curious about this boy and goes to great lengths to be with him.   They fall in love.
“Twilight” has great special affects and really holds its audiences attention.   The movie keeps you guessing the whole way through and is a rollercoaster of emotion.   Stewart and Pattinson have great chemistry and work well together.   The young couple have a great onscreen love, not like other movies where the couple fakes the emotion.  
The special affects in this movie are outstanding.   Edward has major strength and this movie shows that really well.   When Bella almost gets run over by one of her class mates in the parking lot at school Edward blocks the car from hitting her.   The Cullen family all has special talents and the movie depicts them really good.   The story line of the movie is great and follows the book very well.   All together this is a great movie to watch.

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