An Evaluation Of Adverse Possession And The Right Essay

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The success of any organisation is dependent on it human capital. Making the right decision in regards to the selection of staff most suited force particular task, maintaining and keeping the selected employee is equally important. In looking at the question, it is also important to define the key terms. Human Resource Management This refers to the policies and practices used within an organisation to manage the human capital in order to retain and cause them to produce at their highest potential. This is achieved through recruiting, screening, training, appraising and rewarding. This allows for the company to meet its goals andobjectives. Managers These are persons in an organisation who have direct responsibility to ensure that the subordinates operate within the guidlines and requirements of the organisations. With the development and advancement in technology, organisations are becoming dependent on machines and various types of equipment to remain viable and competitive in this market driven economy. Yet, it is impossible for an organisation to operate on machines alone. It is important to find the right equipment to use and to find the employee to operate the equipment. It is also important that the employee operates within the guidelines of the organisation to ensure his safety and productivity in order to ensure success of the organisation. Line managers HR managers are becoming more involved in developing and implementing HRM practices in order to meet organisational goals and objectives. There are some areas of HRM which guides managers in the selection and maintaining employees within the organisation. These include: Recruiting It is important that managers select the right person for the job. This is done by making sure that the employee so selected is able to perform the given tasks to the highest standard. Individuals are selected because of

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