An Essay on the Call Centre

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Prepare the Script for a talk to be given to your fellow students. On a story book, for or TV programme which you found very exciting. Explain why you could not stop reading or watching it. The T.V. show I am currently engaged in watching is The Call Centre. This T.V. show gives us a look into the lives of some of the people that work in the 6th largest Call Centre in Swansea, which is named Save Britain Money. The company try to Cold Call people to sell Double Glazed windows. The show also features the stories of some rather interesting characters, such as the not very bright Tea Lady Hayley, who talks loads about lots of stupid things, and generally embarrassing herself, for which we gain great entertainment. For example she once talked about how she’d had a spray tan, but it had gone wrong and so would have hide her underarms as they had gone green. She said this whilst wearing a sports top, and then showing everybody she saw her underarms. For me personally I managed to gain great laughter through this. My personal favourite character in The Call Centre is Griff, he is a general slacker, he does the bare minimum possible, but manages to get the work done, and generally doesn’t care for what he is doing. He regularly criticises everything he possibly can to be as awkward in Work as he possibly can, his attitude and lack of care really engages you into realising how utterly brilliant he could be, but yet he doesn’t want to be. He is the complete opposite of a role model, which makes it so utterly brilliant. But I have to go back to Nev, for Nev is so utterly brilliant, that if it had been any other boss, the T.V. show wouldn’t have been any good. He tries to motivate his staff in intriguing ways that I honestly doubt many other Business Owners do. He regularly competes with his staff to try and motivate them, and naturally make us laugh. For
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