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An Essay On Personality

  • Submitted by: KingJoe
  • on April 29, 2012
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Behavioural Studies
What is personality? A brief definition would be that “personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique. In addition to this, personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life”. There are many theories about personality and its effect on society within the family, social groups, the economy and practically every aspect of life. Personality is unique to each individual. Everyone has his or her own characteristics and traits that make up who he or she is. The definition of personality seems straightforward, however personality psychologists have not agreed on one definition. In this essay will be a description of personality as defined by different theorists. Various theoretical approaches in studying personality as well as factors that may influence an individual’s personality development will be explained.

Atkinson defines personality as “Characteristic patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour that defines an individual’s style and influence his/her interaction with the environment”. If we break down Atkinson’s definition we can see that “patterns” are the structure of one’s personality cognitively, emotionally and in the conative manner (one’s actions or their behaviour). Also when he talks about these things he mentions that they define an individual’s style and their interaction with the environment meaning that these things are what define people as individuals, making them who they are. The study of personality is imperative in determining the affect it has on the environment as each person’s personality is what makes up society, because personality is the reason behind the decisions that each individual makes in turn determining our environment, be it at home, in school, at work or in day to day life. Without psychological study of personality it would be very difficult to determine why people act in certain ways and even why...

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