An Essay of Nothing

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Technically, nothing means not anything, no part, something that is nonexistent, nonexistence, or someone or something of no importance or significance. However, society’s views show that nothing has several hidden meanings. They are much different than the ones listed above. Nothing means everything one doesn’t want, something one is going get in trouble for, and a state of not meeting social standards or expectations. Nothing means everything one doesn’t want. This is shown when one walks to the fridge, opens it, and states “There is “nothing” to eat.” There is food in the fridge; however, it is the items in the fridge that are not appealing. Another example is when one sits down to watch television. One may flip through many channels or just a few and state “There is “nothing” to watch.” Once again there is something to be watched; however, the particular shows that are on are not interesting or intriguing the individual. Nothing means something one is going to get in trouble for. For instance, a young child will hide an item they are not supposed to have behind their back. When asked what the item is, the child says “Nothing.” In reality they say “nothing” to divert their parents’ attention away from them to stay away from punishment. This also happens with adults; however, they may handle the “pressure of punishment” more maturely whether their punishment can be anything from losing a relationship to being put into prison. Nothing can also mean not arising to social standards or expectations. This meaning can be shown in many forms. One example, a young adult who is into drugs, alcohol and criminal activity would be downgraded as socially unacceptable; therefore, many would say “He will amount to “nothing” when he gets older.” Another example, a middle aged man who is unemployed and unable to get a job is also downgraded as socially unacceptable and is

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