An Essay Into the Lives of a German Soldier During Wwi

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Storm of Steel, Ernst Junger Through any experience in life, there are always lesson to be learned and knowledge to be gained. The best knowledge and most important lessons are always taught using insight; the ability to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of a person, thing or event. For many years, World War One was thought to have been a terrifying, horrible attack on the British, French and American troops. However, there are always two sides to every story and history has been said to be told by the ‘winners’. In most cases, there is a bias from the authors, which can directly affect their readers. The novel read for this essay truly gives honest insight to the experience of World War One, and what it was really like for a German Soldier. Throughout the novel Storm of Steel written by Ernst Junger, one will come to understand the strength and mentality it takes to battle injury, emotion and the conditions themselves as a soldier during WWI. While recalling his experiences through the First World War, German Soldier, Junger, recounts many injuries that he has both witnessed, and taken part, first hand. He describes the men he had watched being taken away on ambulance stretchers from gun-shot wounds, fatal chlorine gas attacks, shrapnel shells and ‘toffee-apple’ injuries. As the German troops defended Guillement (one of the many battles Junger had faced), a few of the men had gathered in a house for food. While the troops were cooking their meals Ernst himself had sat down to read ‘Le Petit Journal’ – a French Journal. Within the next few moments Junger would receive a hospitalizing injury on his left calf; “The diagnosis was straightforward enough – a typical ticket home: nothing very bad, but nothing too light either” Junger, Storm of Steel, 104. As Junger goes into detail about his diagnosis from his medical doctor, one of his most famous quotes

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