An Essay Comparing and Contrasting the Aspect of 'Helping' Yet with a Selfish Motive

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Helping and Be Selfish The question of why a person does good to another has for a long time been a subject of debate: whether they do it for the good of the victim or for their own personal benefits. Feeling empathetic and sympathetic to a person in distress comes just naturally from within a human being. But what triggers their actions towards relieving such a victim? Is it only to get the victim into a better condition or simply to feel better themselves. Helping simply means relieving someone off their distress, be it material, emotional, physical or psychological. On the other hand, being selfish can be identified as the act of doing things for one’s personal gain only. It is true that most of the times people help out of inward goodness but at the same time, it is important to note that some do it as a search for personal rewards such as praise and honour. According to Baumeister and Brad (17), when a human being sees another suffering, naturally they become dissatisfied and distressed. This prompts them to do something to help the situation. Helping somehow comes naturally from a person’s inner being. For example, the moment you meet a hungry child, something pushes you to offer something and feed the child. People might have several different motives for helping, for instance, during the World War II, the Jews were greatly helped by the Non-Jews. Helping can be altruistic, heroic or just a selfish act. Selfishness can be caused by various factors. For example, one can just feel that what they have is only enough for themselves. They tend to think that in case they shared with others, then their lives would not lead normally. Again, others may share what they have, simply to feel accomplished wholly. This also becomes selfishness on its part. Even the impeccably reputed NGOs are at times influenced by motives and emotions

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