An Atm with an Eye Essay

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ATM With an Eye Index 1. ABSTRACT 2. introduction 3. History 4. literature survey 5. our methodology 6. atm systems 7. Hardware & software specifications 8. Block diagram 9. how the system works 10. iris recognition 11. personal security 12. facial recognition 13. applications of atm with an eye 14. advantages 15. disadvantages 16. conclusioN 17. bibliography 1. ABSTRACT There is an urgent need for improving security in banking region. With the advent of ATM though banking became a lot easier it even became a lot vulnerable. The chances of misuse of this much hyped 'insecure' baby product (ATM) are manifold due to the exponential growth of 'intelligent' criminals day by day. ATM systems today use no more than an access card and PIN for identity verification. This situation is unfortunate since tremendous progress has been made in biometric identification techniques, including finger printing, retina scanning, and facial recognition. This paper proposes the development of a system that integrates facial recognition technology into the identity verification process used in ATMs. The development of such a system would serve to protect consumers and financial institutions alike from fraud and other breaches of security. This technique proposes an automatic teller machine security model that would combine a physical access card, a PIN, and electronic facial recognition. By forcing the ATM to match a live image of a customer’s face with an image stored in a bank database that is associated with the account number, the damage to be caused by stolen cards and PINs is effectively neutralized. Only when the PIN matches the account and the live image and stored image match would a user be considered fully verified. We will also look into an automatic teller machine security model providing the customers a card less, password-free way to

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