"An Atlas of the Difficult World" Response

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“An Atlas of the Difficult World” After reading this poem written by Adrienne Rich, I found it to be odd yet interesting at the same time. She starts off the poem with “Here is a map of our country” (Rich 3). My first assumption after reading that line in the poem is that she is going to mention certain main factors about our world map. Although, she doesn’t give specific names of what places that she is describing in her poem, it allowed me to imagine and be creative by developing images in my head that she is trying to portray. Once I reached the second line in her poem, I noticed that she uses the word “indifference”. After seeing that word, I started to question her poem on how she is actually describing the atlas in her own words. Is she trying to bash our country’s map with this poem? Stating and calling on of our sea’s an indifference or unimportant. What is the point that she is trying to make besides the difficulties that we have in this world. The poem clearly sets off a more negative effect rather than a positive one. For a much more understanding of the poem, I decided to re-read through it again and point out vocabulary words that I wasn’t familiar with. The metaphors in the poem became easier for me to comprehend what she was trying to describe. Also stating that our land is used and abused. “This is the desert where missiles are planted like corn” (Rich 3). In that line of the poem, it clearly states that we have no shame in exposing a desert to dangerous objects and those we can care less. She uses the phrase; “planted like corn” (Rich 3) because when you see stocks of corn, there isn’t just one or two planted in a field, but acres of it. In place of the corn, are acres and acres of missiles. It soon digresses and begins to talk about war. Throughout the entire poem, this seems like the only positive up bring in the whole poem. She’s basically

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