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[Euthanasia]: An Annotated Bibliography Battin, Margaret, Rosamond Rhodes, and Anita Silvers. Physician Assisted Suicide. New York: Routledge, 1998. The authors are qualified to write this book is because all of them are professors of medicine and physicians. This book is written because the authors expand the debate about euthanasia by different point of views. Also, they analyze some effects of euthanasia to our society. This book is useful because it provides different points for writing argumentative article and research paper. Davis, Carol. “Live and Let Go: The Euthanasia Debate Has Been Opened up with the Introduction of the Assisted Dying Bill.” Nursing Standard 20 (2005): 16-22. Carol Davis is a physician. This article is a debate on euthanasia based on patients’ right and quality of life. Carol thinks that euthanasia is patients’ right, and physicians should assist their patients to end their life if patients request. Carol concluded that physician assisted suicide is necessary in the right circumstances. Carol’s point is justified because euthanasia is patients’ freedom, and physicians should respect their patients’ right. This article is useful because it provides a powerful point, human right, to the pros of euthanasia. Hendin, Herbert. Seduced by Death. New York: W.W. Norton & Company Inc, 1998. The author of this book is a medical director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and he is a professor in New York Medical College. This book mainly talks about the politics and culture of euthanasia. Herbert personally objects euthanasia. This book provides some points and statistics for the cons of euthanasia. Humphry, Derek. Final Exit. New York: Dell Publishing, 2002. In 1980, Humphry’s first wife was terminally ill, and he asked his doctor to assist his wife to suicide. His doctor gave her a pill and let her dead easily. This

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