An Animal Dancing Competition Essay

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An Animal Dancing Competition It was a bright morning. The glowing rays of the sun coloured the eastern horizon orange as the chirruping of the birds rent the atmosphere. Indeed, it was colourful day. Suddenly, the blowing of trumpets was heard from the direction of the king lion’s palace. It was a tradition that whenever it was blown twice, it meant that there was bad news to be announced. Surprisingly, it was blown thrice. The animals were astonished! Greedy fellows like hyenas were forced to leave their delicious breakfast and obey the call although not whole-heartedly. No sooner had all the animals assembled than Mr. Impala, who was to deliver the news, arrived. “Good morning fellow friends. I do believe it is bright morning. I would like to proudly deliver the news that our king wants to marry off his beautiful daughter, Princess Cissie. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Lion are unable to select a suitable Mr. right from among us. We have therefore been called upon to attend a ball tonight. The winner will be selected after the final judgment will have been announced. Remember, whoever emerges the winner will not only be given a bride but also half the king’s wealth will be his! People, why not turn up and prove that she is yours? The royal family will be as welcoming as dew on parched flowers. I hope you will all turn up on time. For your information that party commences at exactly nine o’clock. Thank you very much.” The animals dispersed to their various places murmuring and building castles in the air. Proud lads like Mr. Giraffe swaggered before others, probably because he was confident he would outdo the rest. There and then, animals started preparing themselves. As the saying goes, “everybody for himself and God for us all,” different animals prepared themselves in different ways. For instance, rich ones like the graceful went shopping

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