An Analytical Essay: The Life And Work Of David Levy

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On June 12, 1810, David Levy was born into an aristocratic, prominent, political family in Charlotte Amalie, on the island of St. Thomas, DanishWest Indies (now known as the United States Virgin Islands). St. Thomas was under British ownership at the time making him a British subject. Both of his parents were Moroccan Sephardi Jews. Moses Elias Levy, his father, had attained prosperity in lumber. While David was two years old, his father immigrated the family to Spanish Florida, and they were one of the first family to settle. His father of wealthy stature purchased over 50,000 acres in Jacksonville, Florida and became a well-known landowner (C. W. Yulee). His intentions were to build a “New Jerusalem” for Jewish settlers. He named the city of Yulee in Levy County after the family name. By the age of nine, his father sent him to attend a private school in Norfolk, Virginia, which was managed by an English clergyman and other wealthy Virginian scholars. This experience helped him build lifetime friendships, which supported him throughout his political career. During the six years at the institute he learned one of the most valuable traits that make up a notable and distinguish individual, character. Though the…show more content…
In 1855 he began construction in Fernandina, but started to run in to financial issues, so he asked for investors from the north to invest. In return they would receive over one half of the stocks in the company (Thompson). He also got contracts with post office and farmers that would need delivery of their fruits and vegetables. The line was finally finished in 1861, just as the Civil War broke out. The Union took both terminals and the Confederacy to the rails from the line to build a connector to Georgia. The Union also freed the slaves on Yulee’s sugar plantation and destroyed the mill and

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