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An Analytical Analysis Of Sin

  • Submitted by: COCOMIAMI1
  • on May 10, 2011
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Emeka C. Okolo
Dr. Larson
Term Paper
An Analytical Analysis of Sin
The first commandment that was established, came from the garden of Eden.   God stated concerning the tree of good and evil, “ ye shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch lest ye die .”   As we already know Adam and Eve did eat from the tree but they didn’t die instantly.   This sin, like other one’s has this same type of becoming condemned to death.   This is question will become the basis for this research paper; are God’s commandments established to keep order whether in the home or secular life and that doesn’t truly entails death, or is it clear cut one will go to hell?   The purpose of this research paper is make a clear conclusion about commandments and sin.   We will first look at the 10 commandments for our groundwork for sin and after having a consensus of the Old Testament, we will look at commandments and sin in the New Testament.   The commandments and sin is a very complex subject but there are many questions that arises with sin and the commandments so we will address the most pertinent questions.  
The First Commandment
Going back to the reference about Adam and Eve in the garden, it is clear God set a precedent condemning them from eating from the tree of good and evil.   That is why he stated that they would truly die if they ate from the true.   Now as we read on through the story, they did not die but they were banished out of the garden.   The consequences for their actions would go as the following, the snake would crawl on his belly and would a cursed creature, Eve would have to feel pain great pain when giving child birth and she shall be subject to her husband, lastly, the land would become cursed because of Adam and he would have to work hard labor until dies .   As we analyze the consequences of their sins, it is clear that they did not die instantly, on the contrary, there actions would create many consequences such as being a cursed creature, child birth pains...

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