An Analysis of Mise En Scene and Editing in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

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An analysis of mise en scene and editing In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the world’ is an alternative film based in the graphic novel ‘Scott Pilgrim’. The film was written by creator of the brightly coloured graphic novel, Bryan Lee O’Malley, director, Edgar wright, and Michael Bacall. With its frequent use of motion lines during fight scenes, written “sound effects” and the hybridization of graphic novel/comic book and gaming iconography, this film is excellent for analysing Editing. The bright colours and matching of costumes to those seen in Bryan’s novel also make it good for analysing the Mise en Scene used in my chosen sequence. Comic/graphic novel iconography can be seen, in the opening of the sequence characters Kim, Scott, and Stephen are shown playing their instruments in a comic strip, each of them in individual panels. This is useful as it shows a close up of each of their reactions, providing the audience with insight into how the characters are feeling when Evil Ex #1 blasts through the wall. Here is a cut to Evil Ex #1 (Matthew Patel) flying through the air saying “Mr Pilgrim!” The speed he is travelling exaggerated by the use of ‘speed lines’. The ‘speed lines’ will have been created using special and visual effects such as CGI (elements of mise en scene). The panels separate with Kim’s panning to the left and Stephen’s panning to the right, leaving Scott’s frame in the centre. This emphasizes how Scott must face Matthew Patel on his own, in a comical way, as his friends/band mates abandon him awkwardly leaving Matthew and Scott for a one-on-one showdown. There is also the use of “sound effects” (words written in bold capital letters to show a sound made in comic books) during the fight scene making it appear more animated and slightly comical, which will have been inserted using visual effects (an element of mise en

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