An Analysis Of Malcolm X's Coming To An Awareness Of Language

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I was raised to believe, knowledge is power and grew up on these principles. After reading Malcolm X’s passage “Coming to An Awareness of Language” for the second time in my life, the power of knowledge is evident. Merriam-Webster dictionary states “Knowledge is the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience.” Malcolm X’s experience was the time he spent in jail rewriting the pages of the dictionary to better himself as both a reader and writer. At first Malcolm journey began with frustration. He was frustrated at the fact that out on the street he was such a powerful and influential individual that whenever he spoke people would listen. In jail, when Malcolm wrote to officials and governors he received…show more content…
I feel like I relate most to how Malcolm took matters into his own hands to overcome his struggle with his illiteracy and poor vocabulary. I would have done the same, you can not sit around a think a problem will fix itself, you have to take action for change. If Malcolm would have continued to beat himself up and become frustrated with his lack of knowledge or education he would have done nothing but dug a bigger hole for himself. By Malcolm X self teaching himself to have a powerful vocabulary arsenal he paved the way from himself to still, to this date, be one of the most influential and prominent speakers of our era. He is mentioned in the same sentence with legendary visionaries such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohammed Ali, and the list goes on. I personally look up to Malcolm X and what he stood for and how he got his message across about the things he stood for. After reading this passage, I have to say it makes me want to honestly work on ways I can increase my vocabulary and/or knowledge. Knowledge can be the difference between be heard and remembered, and just being heard. Malcolm X was heard and
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