An American Tai Vs Animal Farm Essay

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In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the book Animal Farm and the movie An American Tail. There were many similarities, along with many differences. The specific topic that the book and the movie share is the Russian Revolution. The areas I will be covering are how they are alike and how they are different. Animal Farm and An American Tail are similar in many ways. One of the ways I found they are alike is that they both represent the Russian Revolution. In Animal Farm, the animals represent people were significant in the Russian Revolution. Napoleon was the head pig. He led the rebellion against the humans. He represented Joseph Stalin who was the leader of the Russian Revolution. Snowball was one of the other pigs. He challenged…show more content…
The purpose of the rebellion was so the animals could have control of themselves and not be bossed around by the humans. The statement they used was “All animals are equal”. In An American Tail, the mice are pushed out by the cats. The mice’s village is attacked by cats. The mice then decide to immigrate to America. In Animal Farm, the humans come back and try to take over control, but in An American Tail the mice do not return to fight. The final way I found they were different was that in An American Tail, the youngest mouse gets lost from its family while immigrating to America. The mouse gets taken in by other mice, but he tries very hard and searches constantly for his family. In Animal Farm, no animals get lost, and they also don’t take any animals in. As you can see, the book Animal Farm and the movie An American Tail do not only have many similarities, but also many differences. I think they both do an excellent job of portraying the Russian Revolution to their audiences. I would recommend the book and the movie to anyone who is interested in the Russian Revolution. I found that I learned a lot about the Russian Revolution by comparing and contrasting Animal Farm and An American
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