An American Dilemma Summary

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Guarino, Arthur S. An American Dilemma: The Financial Costs and Economic Impact of Obesity in the United States. Advances In Management. July 2013. Vol. 6 Issue Issue 7, p3-7. 5p. Article This article discusses the impacts of medical costs due to the obese and overweight population. It also discusses the health issues caused by obesity. The obesity epidemic is affecting adults as well as children. I plan on using the information of this article to help me to give Evidence of the issues surrounding the obesity epidemic. Masters, Ryan K.,…show more content…
American Journal of Public Health. Oct2013, Vol. 103 Issue 10, p1895-1901. 7p. Article This article has information on estimated percentage deaths associated with Overweight and obesity. Using the research in this article I am going to prove the severity of obesity and the ending results if people do not do something about the obesity epidemic. Obesity can lead to death and to me that is truly scary. Society really needs to realize what being obese can do and I think the facts in this article will help me explain how severe obesity really is. Emm, Lydia G., Gillison, Fiona B., and Juszcyk, Dorota. Support for obesity-related Policy and its Association with Motivation for Weight. US. American Psychological Association. Aug 2013. Print. This article states that in 2008 the World Health Organization estimated

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