An Afternoon with Claude Monet and Edgar Degas

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I have chosen to interview Impressionist painters Claude Monet and Edgar Degas because this type of painting is my favorite style. The paintings, of that period, are very light, airy, with brush strokes in a feathering fashion that were often done en plein air, which translates to “in the open air”. Both Monet and Degas were considered founders of impressionism, although Degas “rejected the term, and preferred to be called a realist” (Gordon 31). These two painters are, in my opinion, the best of the period.
Mr. Monet, what is your definition of “pure impressionism”. “The concept of pure impressionism is basically the art of painting plein air which is just a fancy way to say ‘outdoor landscape painting’. This type of painting began during the Romantics period but truly became popular during my time as a painter (Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art). Also, the use of black paint is strictly not done (New World Encyclopedia).”
Who or what most influenced your painting? “My mentor and greatest influence was Eugène Boudin, who was a genius landscape painter. I met Eugène in 1858 and worked with him in his studio for a few months. Did you know he was with me at the first Impressionist exhibit in 1874 (” [Monet] “I have been influenced by many different people and cultures. Édouard Manet was most influential to me regarding Impressionism. I have had the pleasure of studying under great painters such as Louis Lamothe, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pissarro. I have also been influenced by the Japanese culture as well as photography (” [Degas]
What was your reasoning for painting the same subjects over and over? “It has never occurred to [anyone] that my chief interest in dancers lies in rendering movement and painting pretty clothes (Trachtman). I was excited by the realism and classic beauty

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