An Account of My Working Day Essay

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An account of my working day My shift starts at 8am, but I have to be in work for 7:50am. I go to the medical centre with all the other staff to receive a handover. This is done because, staff need to be aware of any changes that has occurred during the night with certain residents. Or there maybe a member of staff who has been off duty for a few days, so they need to be aware of any changes that has happened since the last time they were on duty. Only staff are present in the handover this is to maintain confidentiality. After the handover has finished I go and check the work allocation book to see which other member of staff is my work partner for the morning and check which section of the home I am allocated to work. There are two sections altogether- the EMI unit and the KW side. There are 78 residents altogether. After this I go to the laundry to prepare my baskets. I wash my hands and put on a plastic white apron. I put a clean laundry bag, a black bin bag, wipes, gloves, pads a disinfectant spray and a cloth for any wet mattresses. I bring all these to my section. I then go to the linen room and get clean towels, flannels and bedding. I prepare all these onto the shelves of the trolley. I am now ready to attend to my first resident. I knock on room 1’s door before entering I greet my resident which is a female and I am going to refer to as Miss R. She has already had her breakfast at 6am, this was given by the nightstaff. I asked Miss R is she wanted to get up, she agreed. I assisted her out of bed and removed her underwear and put the used incontinent pad into a clear plastic bag and put both items into the black basket, this is to prevent contamination. I guide Miss R to sit on the commode, while doing this I am communicating with Miss R in her preferred language which is English, by explaining what’s happening, making sure I make eye contact, using

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