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Case Study Questions: 1.) The main players are Amy Sherber who is the founder and owner, and Toy Kim Dupree who is the manager. 2.) The Business and industry that this company is operating is the bread, bakery, and restaurant industry. 3.) The issues and problems facing the company are, wanting to move operations to one of two locations because the current production location is too small. She is looking for a building on either 31st street, or 15th street, but the cost of NYC locations is very expensive. Other problems are high costs of labor and ingredients, whether or not to keep company wholesale or retail, and a possible increase of debt with expansion. 4.) The primary problem for the company in this case is moving to a new location because the current location is too small. 5.) These problems have emerged because the current location right now is too small to meet the growing demand. The ingredient prices are high because she sells higher end breads that cost more, and the labor costs are high due to hand production techniques, and possible increase of debt would be due to whether or not she expanded and bought another location. 6.) The characteristics of the industry that the company is in is its highly competitive , but over time these low cost breads are being made by machines instead of by hand so the products are cheaper and more bread is made over a span of time. 7.) The firm’s strategy for differentiation that enables them to compete within the context of their industry is making breads all from scratch and by hand. Amy believes that better breads come out of manual break making since the good texture of the dough is maintained, and it keeps the good flavors of the product. Amy’s Bread is also different from other products and companies because of the ingredients they use for their production. They use unbleached flour,

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