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Amy Tan: A Pair of Tickets In Amy Tans short story A pair of Tickets, although it was a story to make you think deeply about, it tells a tale about a family who endeavors many journeys through life. From the past few short stories that we have read in class, this story really caught my attention with the way Tan presented the different techniques of writing all in her one short story. This story just happened to be the one that I was able to understand the full idea and concept of. In this story there is controversy between the issue of identity and self-awareness. At the very beginning of the story when Jing-mei, the narrator, discusses her nationality of being Chinese she articulates that she had once denied herself as being Chinese whatsoever and she was convinced that she was as Chinese as anyone else would be. Throughout this short story the writer, Amy Tan, explores the idea that most people can never come to a full understanding that identity and self-awareness correlate with one another. With this happening it is safe to say that with these two issues, throughout the story both the writer and narrator show a great depiction of growth from the beginning of this short story all the way to the end. Since the main issue seems to be taking place in the beginning of the story, its sets up many different aspects for what will follow. First, it sets up the plot and how the characters are going to relate to one another with what is happening between the narrators family. Second, the writer sets up the characterization within the characters to show the differences between then and how they contribute to the story. Third, Tan’s imagery and tone contribute to the way that the story is portrayed in itself. And finally, at the beginning of this story there is a relation to the idea of the different point of views. In this story, a young Chinese-American student

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