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Simon Popovic Com/Lit 02/14/13 In her essay Fish Cheeks, Amy tan invites over the minister's son, whom she is in love with, and his family. Amy Tan's family makes all of Amy's favorite traditional Chinese food, but she gets completely embarrassed once the minister and his family arrive. I have also been embarassed by my families' Albanian traditions. Albanian parents tend to be overly strict. My father has basically had me on a leash since the day I was born. It is tradition for Albanian parents to be overly protective of their child because they want their child to be safe. My dad has only recently allowed me to start going on with certain people. When I go out, my parents constantly call me to check in on me, usually 4-5 times in an hour. My father put a global positioning tracking device in my vehicle to know where I am at all times, he urine tests me every week to make sure I'm not going down the wrong path, he grounds me when I do any small thing. I'm embarrassed to tell any of my friends the truth as to why I don't go out often. In the end, I do realize that he does this for my own good. Only until recently once I proved that I could be safe without his constant supervision, he has given me more freedom to go out, and has been very lenient with certain things. I admire my Albanian culture, because it has shaped me to be the very individual I am

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