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Japanglish A day in the life of an American child living with foreign parents, compares greatly to an American child living with English speaking parents. Amy Tan describes this perfectly in "Mother Tongue." Amy has lived her entire life dealing with her Chinese-influenced English speaking mother. Amy has always been in love with the English language but wasn't always the best at it. Growing up, she always felt neglected by her English teachers but eventually pushed through and became a writer. I myself, live with my Japanese mother, who also speaks what I call "Japanglish." It’s my mothers way of speaking English with a Japanese twist, which only my brother and I understand. English was never my favorite subject; Nor was I ever great at it. Although Amy and I both experience the same literacy issues with our mothers, her interest in English differs greatly from mine. Amy's mother is not the best at speaking English. In fact, Amy refers her mothers English as a "broken" language. Although her mother reads Forbes and listens to Wall Street Week constantly, people hardly understand what she is trying to say. To her, her mothers English is very clear, but to everyone else it differs. Her mothers language is so terrible that Amy tries to avoid taking her in public. She understands how people look down on her mother due to her limited English. The way her mother speaks to others when she is upset, is completely different to how an English speaking person would talk to one another. Because of this, Amy is forced to talk to other people for her mother. I can relate to this situation in every way. My Japanglish speaking mother, has trouble speaking to others because of her bad English. My mother also reads a ton of English books, but still has the same “broken” language. When my mother is in an argument with another American, her English may come off as rude, but she

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