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Response to Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants After reading this essay, I agree with Mr. Prensky that America’s youth is constantly leaning towards the uniformity of digital technology in society today. Each generation is becoming more dependent on technology than the last, consequently forcing them to subconsciously lose their ability to obtain information through books and other tangible resources. As human beings, when one of our five senses are weakened or lost, the remaining gets stronger. Therefore, in the same concept, when one sense is heightened another is weakened. This technological generation lacks what the “obsolete” society calls, sociably acceptable standards: Sociable standards such as finding information and research through books, newspapers, and magazines (the old fashioned way), but when everything is at the click of a button is there really a need to spend endless hours at a library? People who are not technologically advanced like how today’s youth are far behind in the “optimal” society. There is a sense of fear when it comes to certain tasks completed by technology: A fear of being left behind or being considered a social outcast. There is also an instinctive trait in us humans to fear what we do not know. There are those of the previous generations who try their best to keep abreast with current technological advances and then there are those whose fear is so great that they completely shut down the whole concept of trying to learn about technology. Throughout America’s society there have always been technological advances to better the country and the world as a whole, but as time progressed, the ability to adopt and adjust to these changes decreased as people ages increased. It seemed as if the only people who were able to keep up with the rapid change were the youth. With technological breakthroughs becoming more common by people

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