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Not having a definite right or wrong to it, English had always been a struggle for Amy Tan. Also having a mother that was anything but fluent in the language made it much harder for Tan to learn English. Growing up, Tan used a type of English that is unrecognizable by most people who speak English. She learned this from her mother who never really knew any rules about speaking the language such as grammar or the rules of English. This was the foundation on how Tan learned the English language, and once she was in school teachers recognized that at home she would speak a different English and never be able to learn and practice on a daily basis. Having to speak a different type of English in public and then switch to the traditional English she grew up with was probably a big obstacle for Tan. Haviing many of her fellow Chinese-Americans turned away from English and literature Tan decided she would overcome any difficulty and try that much harder in English. As a child Tan started to write and after she graduated from college she became a freelance business writer. It wasn’t until later on that Tan started to think about the English she was taught as a young girl and the English she uses today. With family she still uses the language she was taught when she was younger, however when she is in public or writing books she uses more highly developed words and phrases. Recently she was aware that without her knowing it she can be talking in her everyday public language and then be talking to her mom minutes afterwards and be using the language that her mom taught her. She also realizes that with her husband she uses her primary language with him as well. Tan had been giving a speech about her book The Joy Luck Club and was using her everyday intellectual language, and then realized her mother was in the room during her speech. When she had made that

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