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Amy Tan, a Chinese native living in California spoke and loved the English language, she was also an English Writer. She majored in English, wrote fictions stories, and also talked to large groups about the English language. Although Tan spoke English correctly and her mother wasn’t as fortunate. Her mother was classified as speaking “broken” English which Amy hated to hear, she explained how it made it seem as if her mother’s language “was damaged and needed to be fixed or as if it was lacking a wholeness and soundness” (Amy Tan, 87). Her mother struggled majorly with the English language. Amy gave many examples about her mother’s bad experiences with the English Language. For example Tan had to call her mother’s stockbroker and pretend to be her mother because nine times out of ten the stockbroker wouldn’t understand Tans mother. While Amy was on the phone with the stockbroker her mother was in the background yelling out things to say to the man. Another time Amy’s mother was very frustrated, she arrived at the doctor’s office to retrieve a CAT results that she had taking a week or so before she became irritated when the doctor told her that her CAT scan results could not be located. She went on and on about how her husband and son died from a brain tumor hoping that the doctor would feels sympathy for her and go look again. My assumption is he probably didn’t understand her. She soon demanded that he calls her daughter, Amy Tan. The doctor and Amy conversed about the situation and the doctor promised that the results would be found. Amy believed that the way her mother spoke may have limited her chances in life. She felt that English wasn’t her strongest subject and that she always seemed to excel in math and science because there only one right answer in those subjects but in writing it is more of an Personal Opinion. Though it was a challenge Amy challenged

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