Amy Chua and Hanna Rosin Essay

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Every parent has different ideas on how to raise children and believes their way is best. Amy Chua and Hanna Rosin are no exception to this. Amy Chua believes in a parenting style that is foreign and very different to Western parents. Her style is formed from a Chinese background and she refers to it as tiger parenting. Amy Chua has received a lot of criticism because of her strict parenting style. Hanna Rosin is one critic of Chua’s parenting style. Hanna Rosin prefers an alternate form of parenting that is much more laid back. Both Chua and Rosin have very different parenting ideas but their attitudes on self-esteem, success, and happiness is where they differ the most. Chua and Rosin have very different ideas on children’s self-esteem. Chua states that Chinese parents make comments to their children that Western parents find unimaginable such as “Hey fatty, lose some weight” (Chua). Chua herself was called garbage as a child and she said “it worked really well” (Chua). She explains that Chinese parents can say things like that to their children because, they believe “their child will be strong enough to take the shaming and to improve from it” (Chua). She insists that Chinese children know that their parents think of them highly, and criticize them only because they know their kids can achieve high expectations. Hanna Rosin disagrees commenting that “there is no reason to believe that calling your child 'lazy' or 'stupid' or 'worthless' is a better way to motivate her to be good than some other more gentle but persistent mode” (Rosin). She feels that as a parent her job is not to be a harsh critic but to encourage them. Rosin is not concerned with making her children the best but rather with making her children happy and building them up. She states that even when her children give her lopsided, hastily drawn birthday cards, that she praises them as if they

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