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“Discoveries and discovering can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of ourselves and others”. Discuss how this idea is shown in your two prescribed texts and one related text of your own choosing. The statement “Discoveries and discovering can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of ourselves and others” is demonstrated by Amy Choi in the short story “The relative advantages of learning my language” (TRAOLML). In this text, Choi explores how her attitude towards her grandfather changed overtime, as well as offering new understanding of learning Chinese – her mother tongue. First of all, readers can easily recognise that the first person narrator uses a detached tone of voice throughout the text to show that she has no emotion while telling the story. This emphasises her careless and disrespectful attitude towards her grandpa and also her language. Secondly, the use of dialogue and descriptive language alternatively, creates a realistic and vivid image in the reader’s mind as it helps to reveal her rudeness and lack of respect behaviour. Choi describes her grandfather as “He had a blank, goofy, content expression on his image” and impolitely reviews her thought by saying out loud “I hope he doesn’t sit down…” when her grandpa was about to have a sit, as she believed he doesn’t understand much English. However, she was only twelve years old. As time proceeds, her perceptions of her grandfather changed. “At the funeral, my sadness was overshadowed by a sense of regret. I’d denied my grandfather the commonest of kindnesses.” – She admitted. She was sixteen. Choi started to show her regret for misbehaving. The persona mentions about how she lost her language skills when she was 12 because she didn’t listen to her grandfather while he was trying to teach her Chinese. “I’d let my Chinese go by then, which made listening to him too

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