Amusement Park Essay

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What do you do when you’re sitting at home with your friends and have nothing to do? You could go catch a movie but then you would have to go all the way to Farmington. Wouldn’t it be nice if my town had a fun and safe place to hang out? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an amusement park? Adding an amusement park would bring so many positive things to our city. A huge benefit to adding an amusement park is that it would bring a lot more income to the city. For example, people who would come to visit the park would also visit our local stores and restaurants. If we had more people coming from out of town they might rent a hotel room and eat at our restaurants and shop at our local stores. They might even want to explore other parts of the county. Secondly, having the park would supply jobs for out of work people but also for students either in collage in high school. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, it’s hard to find a job so this would bring at least a part time job for the people. Also since there would be more job opportunity for students, they could help pay for their collage education or whatever situation they are in. Finally, it would keep local people from having to go all the way to Farmington and spending more money on transportation and entertainment. If our town had a closer place to hang out then we wouldn’t have to waste gas going back and forth to other towns. And if we had a less expensive way of entertainment then it could help with keeping money for gas. These key points are just a few of many ways that adding an amusement park would bring more income to the city. Another major benefit to adding this amusement park is that it would supply a fun and safe place for the community to be together. For example, the park could be a place where school or sports could book a field trip. If we had the park then we could have an end of the year

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