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Amur (Siberian) Tiger Panthera tigris ssp. Altaica, more commonly known as the Amur or Siberian tigers, are the worlds largest cats. The Amur tiger is listed by the IUCN, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, as an endangered species. The latest wild population estimates are from as low as 330 to as high as 450[1]. The Amur tiger exists today primarily in the “Primorsky Krai and southern Khabarovsky Krai in the Russian Far East”[2]. Roughly 20 tigers are known to live just over the border in northeastern china and there is speculation that some survive in North Korea but there hasn’t been a sighting of them in recent years[3]. In the 1930s the Amur tiger’s population fell as low as 50 animals and has made a spectacular comeback since then. After rigorous conservation efforts from the Russian conservationists, the Amur tiger has made a comeback and has been stable for the past several decades. Recent surveys of recent winters are now indicating that the Amur tiger population is once again declining. This recent decline is attributed to deforestation from logging and the general development of the tigers natural habitat. Poaching for use in ancient Chinese practices as well as capturing for sale on the black market are also major contributors to the endangerment on the species. The newest and most challenging problem that hinders the Amur tiger is the isolation between the surviving populations and the low genetic diversity found because of it. To ensure the survival of the species strict protection and enforcement must take place as well as the reduction of land development that fragments the surviving tiger populations habitat. Tigers are the largest of all living cats in the wild. The Amur tiger is the largest subspecies of these cats. An adult male Amur tiger can be up to 800lbs and as long as 10 feet[4]. The tiger has thick fur to

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