Amsterdam Essay

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Executive Summary The Amsterdam Brewery is a beer manufacturing company founded in 1986 that is also the first brew pub in Toronto. A large portion of their products are supplied to various LCBO’s, beer stores, restaurants, and bars in the GTA. Individual customers may also visit their retail store located at the manufacturing facility as well. Amsterdam specializes in various types of lagers and ales, they continue to improve and create new products over the years. The facility utilizes a batch processing system to produce their beer which is then packaged into bottles, cans, and kegs. Amsterdam strives to maintain an inventory level range of 1-2 weeks to meet customer demands. Their mission is to stress quality in their products, and a large portion of money is invested in quality ingredients to brew their products. Amsterdam relies on human capital to be successful and encourages a strong and friendly work environment. Teamwork is strongly emphasized to promote efficiency at the manufacturing facility. Quality Control Amsterdam has several internal controls in place that insure that quality of their products served to customers. Lab tests are conducted on a regular basis on samples from the batch to insure consistency. Filters are also expected frequently to insure that they are not contaminated and functioning properly. Amsterdam also utilizes a batch process procedure approach to their ingredients. This involves tracking their ingredients with numbers per tank. The brew number associated with the corresponding tank allows Amsterdam to quickly monitor and track inventory. This also allows them to effectively save money in the long run. The concept behind this concept is to predict quantities for various seasons and to adapt to them. Amsterdam uses and maintains a yeast tracking system to detect errors brewing errors that may contaminate
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