Ample Essay- The poem Harlem (1951) by Langston Hughes

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In the poem Harlem (1951) by Langston Hughes, it’s a very thoughtful essay that had me wondering and asking myself questions that was hard to find answers too. Especially on the questions ‘What happens to a dream deferred?, Does it stink like a raisin in the sun?, Or does it explode?. We all have had dreams before and know that they can not be predicted no matter how accurate you think are. Dreams are like diseases you never know when it will occur. The purpose of dreams, experiences as a dreamer and why we dream are some of the things I was trying to find answers to when I read the poem. “Dreams are so compelling, and they often seem so weird and strange -- surely they must have a "purpose"; that is, an "adaptive role" in the maintenance of our bodily or psychological health. Furthermore, all the famous theorists who talk about dreams claim that dreams do have one or another purpose (although the famous theorists disagree on just what those functions are), but the best current evidence suggests otherwise. Dreams probably have no purpose!” by G. William Domhoff. But do dream have meanings, it is hard to predict or interpret some dreams, because dreams have their uses. It might be use to help someone, yourself or any current thing happening. You might have a dream about a person you know, you will not know why till the dream is being experience in awaking life. I always thought dreams are cousins of day dreaming. My dreams are more like a raisin in the sun. The dreams I have are hard to figure out. The dreams I have are not fantasy, their everyday real life situation that I wake up asking WHY. I had a dream about a couple friends of mine. We were at the park playing basketball. Then other people came to join as, so we started playing on teams. It didn’t take long for an argument to break out between a friend of mine and another person. The argument
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