Ammonia Essay

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Making Ammonia The ‘Harber’ Process Word equation Nitrogen +Hydrogen ⇌Ammonia Symbol Equation N2 g+ 3H2 g⇌ 2NH3 (g) The symbol of '⇌' represents on how it is reversible as it is a forward and a backward reaction, which also means that these two reactions are competing. Yield Terms of the ‘Harber’ process % Yield N2 + 3H2 ⇌ 2NH3 (14 x 2) (6 x 1) 14 x 2 + (1 x6) Yield % = Mass of product actually madeMass of product that theoreotically could be made × 100 But you can never get 100% yield This Is why; The reaction manages to have waste i.e. the humans may make a mistake and some of the N2 or H2 might escape so it cannot react. The reaction is reversible, so we may never receive all the products that were made, because some of the products would’ve turn back into reactants. If 28g of N2 are reacted then the theoretical yield will be 34. The atom economy of the ‘Harber’ Process N2 + 2H3 ⇌ 2NH3 = Mass of atoms in desired productMass of atoms in all products × 100 Mass of 1N= 14 Mass Of 1H = 1 Mass Of N Mass of H = 2 × 14+6 × 1=342 × 14+6 × 1=34 Atom Economy = 100% only one product was made and this is useful as i.e. no useful products is wasted. The atom economy is good as its according to the atom economy because there’s no waste as all the reactants are converted into products In Ammonia Factory Temperature By increasing temperature, it is more likely that nitrogen and hydrogen will collide so the rate goes faster. However, if we give higher temperatures we will receive lower yields because the backward reactions happen more frequently. So in a factory, a middle temperature of 450℃, so it is not too slow, but not so hot (so it wont have a lower yield) still have a decent yield. Pressure The pressure of 200atm, it will
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