The Amityville Horror

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The story of the Amityville horror began on November 1974. The family, Ronald DeFeo Sr. and his wife Louise, their two sons, Mark and John, and two daughters, Dawn and Allison, were in bed in their three-story house on in Amityville, Long Island. No one had any idea what was about to happen. The house was silent when Ronald DeFeo Jr., who was called “Butch”, murdered his entire family with a rifle. One by one as they were sleeping. Ronald DeFeo Sr. was born in Brooklyn, where he worked hard in his father-in-law’s Buick dealership. After many years, money no longer became a problem and he finally made the leave and move to Long Island where he bought the house on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville. The house had two stories, plenty of rooms for his family, an attic, and a boathouse on the Amityville River. Even though Ron had a great deal of happiness and was also successful, Ronald was a man with temper, violence and rage. The oldest child, Ronald Jr., was a fat kid who was unpopular and picked on at school by other children. His father taught him self discipline and to always stand up for himself, and even though his advice stopped the school bullies, Butch was still treated wrong at home. His father had no tolerance for not listening and mouthing off, and he refused to let Butch stand up for himself the same way he was told to at school. As Ronald Jr. matured, he grew taller and stronger and no longer would put up with his fathers abuse. Fighting and arguments grew due to the tempers of both Ronald Sr. and Jr. These arguments led to physical fights and Ronald Sr. realized that his son’s violence was not normal. His parents arranged for him to meet with a psychiatrist but Butch said no and refused to go. The family then began buying him whatever he wanted and giving him money. He was given a speedboat for his 14th birthday to ride along the Amityville
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