Amistad Ship Essay

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Colegio Terranova Language “B” Story telling the events occurring on the “Amistad” ship José Antonio Rosales 1st Diploma “A” 24/04/12 Shock in the Atlantic On the warm atmosphere of the Caribbean seas, the Spanish ship known as Amistad was found drifting en route of the sun set's direction. A closer approach to the ship, revealed many surprises to the American authorities patrolling the area. An estimate of 55 black slaves and 3 slave traders were found alive in the interior of the ship. Preliminary research revealed that a battle for possession of the ship took place around 30 days earlier. From what the American sailors could see, the slaves freed themselves, took the machetes found on the cargo of the ship, and rioted and many of slave traders on-board where assassinated. American authorities took charge of the ship, and made it sail to American territory. When they got to New York City, translators spoke with the remaining crew of the ship; and thus the story the sailors lived unfolded: The slaves were acquired on Havana City, Cuba by the captain. The slaves were bought from a well-known slave trader that had already a big influence on the market; Mr. Shaw (after the declaration of the sailors, “Mr. Shaw” is being looked for by the authorities, with a warrant of arrest for ilegal trading). The remaining sailors told that everything was going as usual, except for 1 detail; one of the blacks had a very rebellious attitude and it seemed to make the rest of the slaves restless and eager to be violent. After they shipped away from Havana, troubles began; according to Pepe. On the first days, the negroes were easy to control, just the rebellious black caused some trouble for them. They fed the negroes with uncooked rice, bit of fresh water and made them walk on small groups so they didn’t lose their physical strength. On the 3rd week, the rebellious

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