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AMISH The Amish Culture Linda Mann ANT 101 Patricia Ryan September 2, 2012 AMISH The Amish are horticulturalists. The Amish society is a subculture. Their lifestyle is centered on agriculture. I am going to analyze how horticulture as the Amish’s primary mode of subsistence affects their beliefs and values, economic organization, social organization and kinship. The Amish ways of life are very distinct. Amish people separate themselves from the mainstream society. They can give us useful lessons in community development, family life, and farming. Their reputation is far higher than Americans. I am going to give an overview of the Amish culture and their way of life in past and present. The Amish rely on farming for their food because…show more content…
Horses are the most important because they use them for travel and farm work. Most Amish do fine financially. Some families are considered poor. Amish have a rigid and effective political structure which is made up of 20 to 40 households which is also what they consider a church district. They are expected to stay within the district they live in. They have no lawyers or judges. Their leadership for each district is provided by a bishop, two preachers, and a deacon with no education and without pay. They are religious based and a rural located community. They did not take to the new technology of the 20th century. The diversity among Amish today is much higher. Amish don’t live in isolated or secluded environments they live in multi culture environments. The Amish have maintained their culture and boundaries by keeping a distinctive language,…show more content…
They rely on the Bible for every aspect of their life and faith. Their families are their most important social unit. Weddings are a very important part of their social unit which normally occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays in November between the age of 22 and 25. The bride normally makes her own dress from blue or purple material unlike today’s society of white or ivory. The Amish present the married couple with a dowry this is a transfer of property or wealth to a woman upon her marriage. A marriage with second cousins is not unheard of in the Amish society, but they do not prearrange marriages. The social organization is quite different than our culture and is easy to see and understand why the Amish are

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