Amish Culture Essay

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The Amish Culture of Life Tyquisha King ANT101 Michelle Dorne 7/2/2012 In this paper I will talk about The Amish Culture. The Amish was also known for being The Older People or Old Order Amish. I have chosen to write about The Amish because their culture is more different. The purpose of this paper is to identify their beliefs and values, kinship, and sickness and healing and their economic organization. The Amish are members that are Christian Denomination. In 1693 Amish communities were developed in Switzerland, at this time they were under the founder by the name of Jakob Ammann. Later in the 18 century The Amish migrated away to Pennsylvania this was to avoid the racial persecution. The Amish primary mode of subsistence is farming and this makes them Horticulturalist. Depending on what the season is the Amish are farmers first then they go and plant crops so they will feed themselves and the women will continue to work in the garden First the Amish have different beliefs and values then most cultures because they are one of a kind. The Amish have a way of life that is dictated by rules and they are known as Ordnung. This is an outline of their faith and belief. For some of the Amish the Ordnung dictates all of their aspects of their life. The Amish has basic Christian beliefs and they are very spiritual. The Amish would much rather practice their faith then teach formal doctrines. In their daily life they try and seek the teachings of Jesus by loving their Jesus and trying to forgive their forgiving insults. The teachings are emphasized through the Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. The Amish have followed their lead with the Swiss Anabaptist Forbears which a lot of the ones that were forbears died in the 16th century for their faith. All of the forbears were religious. Since they are the closet to Anabaptist they are protestant Christians which believes
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