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Amish Cultural Research Paper

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  • on July 8, 2012
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Amish Cultural Research Paper

Amish Cultural Research Paper
Imagine living in a society where the members socialize exclusively with each other and not with the outside world.   The men of this society dress conservatively in dark colors sporting   clean-shave until married when they switch to beards.   The women, wearing only full skirts, wear their hair up in a bun and covered with a simple white cap or bonnet.   The community, called an ordnung, decides how the community will be run from state to state.   The culture itself keeps an arms distance from technology because they believe that it weakens the structure of the family.  
Planting and sowing of the fields is done by using horse drawn machinery and very rarely does the hum of anything fuel powered echo from the farms.   Intermarriages are kept within the genetically isolated society to include first cousins and divorce is not tolerated.   The Amish are a horticultural-based culture that consists of a society that is very conservative and strong on religion.   The intent of this paper is to focus on the Amish culture, their primary mode of subsistence, and to identify three aspects of it impacted by this mode.    
The Amish are a peace-loving, upright, religious group of people, settled happily in different parts of the United States and Canada. They disregard the modern way of life and are content to live their lives preparing for death and heavenly rewards by going without modern conveniences, such as electricity. However, despite their simple way of life, the Amish have thrived since their founding (Foley, 2003).   Although the Amish have been in America for over two hundred years, they remain one of the least known of America's Protestant groups (Wittmer, 1970, p. 1063).   The Amish faith was founded in Europe between 1644 and 1720, by Jacob Amman.   It was a spin-off from the Mennonite faith by a group that wanted to restore some of the early practices by the Mennonites that had been lost along...

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