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The Amish people originated from Anabaptist in the 16th century Europe. The Anabaptist is a religion that came about during the reformation era. Before this time, Europe was traditionally united under one church. It was connected with the government and political issues. Reformation emerged, people took different stands with reformers, such as Martin Luther stepping in and making changes to the church structure and doctrine. The name “Amish” originated from Jacob Amman who formed that association, which was transformed to maintain the old practices of the Mennonites. Amish culture is dictated and directed by set rules called the Ordnung, which form the basis of their faith although they vary from a community to a community. The rules state…show more content…
Historically, different religious and cultural groups across time and place have perceived the world through different prisms. By examining the similarities and differences within the Australian and Amish culture we are able to be challenged to consider how complex societies can be. Therefore, the Amish culture consist of people who live in close communities known as farms and also tend to live without any modern conveniences which consist of television, mobiles and cars. Amish life undergoes aspects which are mainly dictated by a list of written or oral rules. On the other hand, Australian culture has a distinct national identity and has a hybrid identity in terms of the aboriginal people who live off the land. Simultaneously Australians who engage in everyday life mediums are known to be diverse depicting half the population living in…show more content…
The Australians consider it impracticable to live with old ethics while there is room for innovations and change, such as cars, electricity. The Amish prefer to live without any gadgets even when they are readily available. In such a way, they separate themselves from outside influences and preserve their faith. Sometimes, the use of technology is excused when there are differences between some Amish orders; for example, modern orders, which allow people to use telephone at their home and access their websites. Family Structures, Courting, Marriage,

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