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Pennsylvania Dutch Amish PowerPoint Notes Where they live: The Amish have settled in towns all over the United States. The largest Amish settlements are in Lancaster County in south-central Pennsylvania, Elkhart and LaGrange counties in northeast Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Holmes County, Ohio. The Amish live in a rural setting that includes rolling hills, plenty of land for farms and country roads. They live isolated from other cultures so there is little competition for resources because many Amish farm and provide their own resources. Family Structure: Amish have large families that include many children and their extended family. This means that some households consist of the entire family including parents, children, grandparent’s aunts, and uncles. If the household doesn’t have all these family members living in it, then the grandparents, aunts, and uncles, live right next door. However, the grandparents are a vital part of the family. This is because they pass their farm down to their children and remain present in the lives of their family instilling wisdom in them and contributing by helping with chores. Some relatives also marry and have children with other relatives because they are isolated from outside populations. All members of the family are valued and important for the different roles they play. Depending on the age and gender of the Amish child, certain duties and responsibilities are required of them from sunup to sundown. Amish children all have their own household chores to perform, such as sweeping, making the beds, shoveling snow, feeding the farm animals, collecting eggs, or helping their parents with their morning chores. This can last for several hours each morning and must be completed before they have to get ready for school. The Amish women are expected to marry, have children and submit to their husband’s will. It

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