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____________________________________________________________ _________________________________ For my ethnography, I have chosen to study the culture of the Amish. Their lifestyle is very different yet intriguing, and I think that that they would be an ideal people group to further explore and analyze. AMISH BACKGROUND For years, the Amish have taken up roots in the rural areas of America, centering their lives around the principles of peace, hard work, and simplicity of life. They remain separated from the rest of society by abstaining from the modern day conveniences of technology. While their conservative views may seem strange and illogical to some, it is this very idea of separation to which they cling. Their belief is that they must remain separated from the world to live a holy life. While there are different sects, or “orders,” of Amish, they all share this common belief. Many of the Amish have their own farms, planting and harvesting acres of crops. The Amish speak a dialect of German, often referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch. However, they also must learn English, as that is all that is spoken in their Amish schoolhouses, and much of their dealings are with “the English,” as they refer to those who are not Amish. The children only attend school until they finish the eighth grade. At this time, they either help with the farming and everyday chores or find jobs in search of a career. At the age of 16, the Amish teen is allowed to experience life outside the Amish culture, an act referred to as “rumshpringa.” During this time, the teen is allowed to live apart from the rules of the Amish; however, he or she must eventually choose whether to join the church through membership or to leave the Amish way of life all together. THE AMISH AND I I grew up in one of these rural areas where the Amish live. Since I can

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