Amir's Self-Centred Character Analysis

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Amir’s character is expanding throughout the novel adding depth and understanding as he moves from Afghanistan to a writing career in California and then returns again to face his past. Representations of Amir can be shown that he is self centred and cowardly with the question drawing to who is to blame for this Amir himself or someone who had a major effect on him. The self-centred nature of Amir can be seen to all be stemmed from when he peered into that alley in doing so this is closely linked to a coward segment that is present at moments in his life. Blame of these flaws in Amir can be drawn from numerous places his family the surroundings that he is ever present exposed to and also the cultural background of the Afghanis. Amir’s Self-Centred portion is totally brought on by the decision that he made in the alley when he was twelve years old although many other events fuelled this trait is all comes back to a decision that is made totally by himself even tho Baba has forced him into fighting for his approval that still does not change how Amir’s personality in this case dramatically changes, his flaw in this case was under his control yet in others it is not.…show more content…
Baba, by imposing his status and strength onto a child who clearly cannot follow in this path changes how Amir reacts to fearful situations. Fearful situations require you to do what’s best for yourself and no matter how much you may want to help someone as is seen by Amir regretting his decision to not help Hassan later in life in the end Amir chooses what benefits himself the most. If Baba had not imposed such a strict male dominance hierarchy into Amir’s life and put more emphasis on helping each other Amir would have made a different decision no matter how much he feared

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