Amir’s Inner Turmoil

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Amir’s Inner Turmoil Part A 1. At about the time Hassan was getting raped by Assef Amir, had a flashback of 2 different memories that in one suggests a brotherly relationship with Hassan because they “fed from the same breast.” While the other was of a time where they sought out the “truth” from a fortuneteller. The first memory is significant in that suggests a brotherly bond between the two and that Amir personally feels attracted to Hassan in a brotherly way but the fact that he is a Hazara and really wants Baba’s approval and love allows him to let Hassan get raped. On the other hand the second memory shows their past together when they seek the truth from a fortuneteller. This is significant in that it shows the difference in Hassan and Amir. Hassan brave while Amir is weak and scared. In the memory, Hassan allows the fortuneteller to take his hand while Amir, in fear, does not, “the old man reach[ed] for my hand and I withdrew it.” These memories suggests about Amir feelings that he is in a state of panic and confusion where he does not know what to do. The memories might also suggest that the rape scene overwhelmed him with fear and represented a true moment where Amir became a coward. Most of all, however, the memories demonstrate Amir’s emotional dissociation during the rape. As in, Amir tries to push away the conflicts by resorting to flashbacks and other memories. 2. While, Amir witnesses Hassan’s rape he begins to have a flashback of a dream where he was lost in a snowstorm until Hassan’s “hand reaches out for” him. Suddenly, they appear in a grassy field looking at colorful kites. This dream is significant in that it proves Amir to be the coward and the weak one by being lost in the snow while Hassan comes to rescue him, proving him to be brave and courageous. This is a parallel to the rape scene where Amir runs away in cowardice and Hassan
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