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Amilie A Short Essay on Structure Amelie is a relationship drama that sees life through the eyes of a young girl, after who the film is named. She creates a mission for herself to unite and make the world a happy place. During her efforts and adventures she finds the path to love, and strives to meet the love of her life. The film presents us with our protagonist and antagonist, which seems to be Amelie herself. She is the only person that stands in her way and presents complications for her life. The second protagonist, Nino, is not introduced until quite late, but they are both searching for the same thing – love. Amelie’s beginning goal is to escape her father’s protective shadow and explore the world on her own, but her efforts to explore her own world end up as the wrong goal as she becomes determined to help others, forgetting to help herself. This however does not affect her main goal, which through the film is her inescapable ability and need to help others. This relates to what is at stake – for if she didn’t help people she wouldn’t have acquired the courage to live her life and find love. Essentially the film comes down to a young woman who is shy and lacks the courage to explore life’s intricate possibilities. If she didn’t do this it would have turned her into her father, too scared to explore life’s possibilities, and would have driven her to the extreme. Amelie has many allies in this movie, not least of which is the mentor ‘Glass Man’ who advises her and eventually helps her get together with Nino in the obligatory scene. Others are the waitresses and the concierge who constantly advise her on love and matters of the heart. Amelie has no real misfortune in this movie, other than her mother’s death and her father’s need to protect her over a non-existent heart condition. Ameile’s wrong belief in the film is that she can survive without ever

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