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Amilcar Cabril Essay

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  • on April 24, 2014
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The Legacy of Amilar Cabral
Amilcar Cabral was a Guninea-Bissauan and Cape Verdean agricultural engineer, writer, and a nationality thinker and political leader.   He is widely considered to be one of Africa’s foremost anti-colonial leaders. He led the nationalist movement of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands, ensuing the war of independence in Guinea-Bissau. His life was ended short when he was assassinated on January 20th, 1973 (Amilcar). His assassination took place eight months before Guinea-Bissau’s declaration of independence. Amilcar was influenced heavily by Marxism, but was not considered to be a Marxist. He gave many speeches directed toward promoting national liberation and preserving culture. He was also the Secretary General of the African Party for the independence of Guinea and the Cape islands. Under his leadership his party liberated three-quarters of the countryside of Guinea in less than ten years of revolutionary struggle. Amilcar Cabral became one of the world’s most outstanding theoreticians of anti-imperialist struggle.  
Amilcar was born in Bafata, Guinea-Bissau on September 12, 1924 (Amilcar). While getting an education in Libson, the capital of Portugal, he founded student movements dedicated to opposing the ruling of dictatorship of Portugal and promoting the cause of liberation of the Portuguese colonies in Africa. When he returned to Africa in the 1950s he strongly promoted the independence causes of the Portuguese colonies. He was the founder of the Portuguese for African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) and one of the co-founders of the MPLA later that same year alongside Agotinho Neto (Amilcar).   Starting in 1963 Amilcar led the PAIGC guerrilla movement against the Portuguese government. His movement’s evolved into the most successful wars of independence in modern African history. During the course of conflict the movement captured territory from Portuguese, and in turn Amilcar became the leader of a...

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