Amex Case Study: Hungary

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ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT Case Study: Amex Individual Assignment - Research and Reflective Report Nicholas Mackenzie 11241181 9/12/2012 Table of Contents Context 2 Issues 2 Problem Solving 2 Cultural Differences 2 Recruitment 3 Local Economy 4 Business etiquette 4 Local customs 4 Bibliography 5 Topic: Amex Case Study Context The Amex Case study is fascinating as it deals with the issue of culture shock and the difficulties associated with cultural differences. The Case study is about a man called Michael Thomas who has moved to Budapest, Hungary. He is in charge of establishing 10-14 gas stations in the developing country. He is originally from USA and has 2 young daughters who attend the American International School of Budapest. The case study talks about a series of events in his first month or so of working and living in Budapest. These range from finding prospective employees for the petrol stations, to acquiring petrol stations from locals to even his approach to dealing with his kids. Thomas’s mother is Hungarian and he assumed he had enough could speak the language fluently; however he does greatly overestimate his ability. It is important to keep in mind that the Minister for Foreign affairs stated in 2005 that “only 20% of managers perform effectively overseas according to research conducted over the past 40 years. Although most of them are technically competent, they lack the intercultural skills needed for effective international performance" (Smith, 2008). So when looking at this case study it is critical to remember how difficult it is to be successful overseas as a project manager. Issues Problem Solving The reader is immediately introduced into his lack of creativity and resourcefulness in a situation within his household. Where his daughters are

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