Americas Shift to Isolationism Essay

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Why Did America Move Away From Isolationism? It was said that the US would maintain isolationism during World War 2 under Franklin Roosevelt, a policy brought about by George Washington many years ago that stated that US would remain apart from the affairs of other countries. Although the US wished to maintain its isolated approach, there were many causes that ultimately led to the US joining the war. One cause involved preventing the axis powers form the oceans. In a radio address delivered by president Roosevelt he said “the matter of most vital concern to us is that European and Asiatic war makers should gain no control of the oceans which lead to this hemisphere.” He believed that it was important to keep these countries out of the oceans because of the power they could obtain with newly acquired naval bases and strategically placed islands. Another cause for the US to join the war is Germanys absence from the Treaty of Versailles. After Germany left, Japan and Italy followed their lead. This was one example of the League of Nations lack of power and control, which eventually led Germany to take over Belgium and attempt to invade Poland. The US saw the lack of attentiveness in European affairs and knew they needed to maintain a balance of power and preserve peace between nations. Finally, there was an agreement between Germany, Italy, and Japan that threatened the US. In the threat they said that if the US interfered with or blocked the expansion program of these three nations aimed at world control they would unite in ultimate action against the US. The allied powers essentially said that they are planning for world domination and that the US better not get involved or else. It is hard to stay out of a war and especially maintain peace when three countries say they are going to take over the world, making America’s presence almost inevitable. Germany also

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